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Gastronomy in Funchal

To immerse yourself in the history and culture of this Atlantic capital, you must explore the richness of Funchal's gastronomy. Made of flavour, tradition and excellent regional products, some of Madeira's typical dishes have been refined over centuries.
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From the wide variety of traditional recipes, we can highlight, for example, the laurel branch grilled skewer, meat matured with wine and garlic, the black scabbardfish, the irresistible limpets and snails or 'bolo do caco', which virtually became one of Madeira's hallmarks.
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However, while Madeira's traditional recipes are very appealing to food lovers, what can we say about the contemporary gastronomy that currently plays a prominent role in the capital of the archipelago? The best restaurants in Funchal, some of which have won international awards, offer a unique journey through the island's flavours. Without ever neglecting the island's regional products, reputable chefs bring the sophistication and elegance of haute cuisine to the city of Funchal. Feed your body and soul with Funchal's gastronomic offer!
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Madeira Wine

Since the islands were discovered in the 15th century, it is known that Madeira's soil is extremely fertile, allowing for the agricultural exploration of a large number of crops. However, the production of sugar cane and grapes stood out early on. Madeira Wine represents precisely the success of viniculture in Madeira. All across the island you can see terraced vineyards climbing up the hillsides, etching into the landscape the important role they still play today in the region's economic and social panorama.
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Funchal is home to many of the companies that carry on Madeira Wine's legacy. It is also in Madeira's capital that the Madeira Wine Company - Blandy's Wine Lodge established its headquarters where the old Convent of São Francisco stood in the 17th century. The same family still runs this business since 1811, and it is home to the oldest Madeira Wine cellars in the archipelago.
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A visit to this emblematic place includes a tour of the tasting rooms, warehouses, ageing rooms, exhibition areas and souvenirs shop. Along the way, some details of the history and production of this Wine are explained. Come and treat yourself to the unique aroma and taste of Madeira Wine!
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Funchal Restaurants

If you think that the charms of Madeira's capital are limited to its stunning ocean views, tropical gardens or the extremely valuable architectural heritage that fills the streets, you are mistaken. The city's spirit and history are largely reflected in its unparalleled gastronomy. Therefore, restaurants in Funchal are generally recognised for the exceptional experience they offer their visitors.
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Authentic temples of flavour, the restaurants in Funchal, from the most traditional (some of which historic) to the most contemporary ones, enjoy a rare privilege: the excellence of the archipelago's products. From the sweetness of Madeira's climate and the natural richness of its volcanic soils to the abundance of the sea, they offer fresh, tasty ingredients with sublime quality standards.
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No wonder, then, that Funchal's gastronomy is full of irresistible delicacies (some of which very popular, both in the country and the world): from fish and seafood dishes, reflecting Madeira's symbiotic relationship with the Atlantic, to sweets, which often use sugar cane honey or tropical fruits from the region, to internationally acclaimed wines or the traditional 'bolo do caco'. Come and pamper your taste buds in one of Funchal's restaurants!
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Restaurants in Funchal

Cosmopolitan ambience in more or less sophisticated spaces. Come and try it!
O Calhau
In a prime location in the centre of Funchal, and with a privileged terrace, Calhau draws on Mediterranean cuisine to create a diverse menu.
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The Dining Room
A sophisticated à la carte menu, based on the pillars of Mediterranean and contemporary gastronomy, is the bet of The Dinning Room, the main restaurant of Quinta da Casa Branca.
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Il Gallo d'Oro
Under the mastery of Chef Benoît Sinthon, Il Gallo d'Oro presents itself as a restaurant of unique and incomparable experiences. Two Michelin stars attest to its excellence.
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Mau Feitio
Perpetuating the true Portuguese identity, MAU.FEITIO stands out for the authenticity of typical cuisine, with Mediterranean influences, combined with the creativity of the Chef and his team.
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Casa da Quinta Restaurant & Bar
A light meal with a refined taste is the proposal of the 'Casa da Quinta' restaurant & bar. Its relaxing atmosphere is also ideal for a late-afternoon cocktail.
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European, Traditional
Pátio das Babosas, Lda.
Charming restaurant serving traditional Portuguese and European cuisine, located in Monte, close to the main attractions of the parish.
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Fish and Seafood, International
A cosy restaurant with a distinctive family atmosphere, Ákua brings us the freshness and the breeze of the sea thanks to the boldness of its dishes.
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Signature cuisine, Gourmet
Design Centre Nini Andrade Silva
Panoramic restaurant located in Pontinha that combines creativity with a passion for traditions, in a reinterpretation of regional cuisine with Atlantic cuisine.
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With a unique view, emphasised by the cliff on which the restaurant is built, Avista dazzles both for the landscapes it underlines and for its menu, which highlights the best of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.
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Casa das Espetadas
Restaurant located on Estrada Monumental, specialised in traditional Madeiran cuisine, with a wood-fired oven. Its decor highlights the Madeiran traditions.
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Brewery, Fish and Seafood
Peixaria no Mercado
An ode to the sea and its ingredients in the place closest to the source: the Funchal market auction.
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Terreiro Concept
Restaurant and Gastrobar located at Rua Imperatriz D. Amélia, privileging the fresh flavours from its vegetable garden and local products. Its menu combines traditional Madeiran recipes with international trends
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Il Massimo
International cuisine at the highest level in the MELIÁ Hotel, in a cosy atmosphere with modern decor.
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Neptunus Bar
Neptunus has a menu full of dishes with fresh ingredients, ready to be enjoyed with a relaxing view by the sea.
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Seu Chef Filipe Janeiro – Gazebo
A multicultural and vegan restaurant with a seasonal menu offering a taste of the world using the freshest ingredients.
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Alameda Restaurant
Located on floor zero of the Savoy Palace, this is the restaurant where the tradition of Latin tables shares inspiration with the tropical flavours of the archipelago.
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International, Fusion
With a sharing and 'comfort food' concept, Kampo was created to pay tribute to meat in all its senses, with an emphasis on matured meat.
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Culinarium Restaurant
Restaurant of the TUI BLUE hotel, where flavours are combined in an à la carte dining experience.
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Healthy Food and Snacks
Vantastic Food Truck & Juice Mixology
The most “vantastic” van on the island, parked on Avenida Arriaga, has a wide selection of fresh and healthy products on a daily basis.
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Santa Catarina Café
Space with two terraces in Parque de Santa Catarina. Bar service and light meals in the most emblematic garden in the city.
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Portuguese and Mediterranean Food
Chalet Vicente
Restaurant based in a centenary Madeiran farm, in the tourist area of Funchal, where traditional Portuguese flavors are interpreted and presented in a family style.
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Mediterranean and Healthy Food
Museu Café & Petisco
Iconic space, shares doors with the Museum of Sacred Art of Funchal and enjoys the uniqueness of its surroundings. Simple, real food in an eclectic setting.
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Gazebo - Seu Chef Filipe Janeiro
A skilful chef who will welcome you at home, or come to your own event, cooking and presenting the most incredible creations.
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A battle of senses fought in the mouth
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Healthy, Vegetarian and European Food
Prima Caju
Restaurant located on Rua da Carreira, where fresh ingredients from local agriculture make up the dishes on the menu in a tasty and nutritious way.
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Asian cuisine
Avista Ásia
Asian cuisine with local ingredients
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Galáxia Skyfood
An intergalactic experience that can be enjoyed by ordering à la carte or with sublime tasting menus.
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Progressive Madeiran cuisine
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