São Vicente

Lush vegetation, volcanic caves and picturesque villages: just some of the reasons that make São Vicente a must-visit destination

Land of valleys, vineyards and Laurissilva


The municipality of São Vicente is home to a vast area of Laurissilva, the archipelago's most precious natural treasure.

The diversity of the flora and fauna of this forest, as well as its state of conservation, make the municipality of São Vicente one of the most privileged places to get in touch with Madeira's nature through its many hiking trails - often with the ocean as a backdrop.

The green sceneries of this region are also marked by the imprint of volcanic forces and the erosion of its slopes. Here, you can visit the famous volcanic caves, formed 890 thousand years ago. Therefore, there are plenty of reasons to come and discover the municipality of São Vicente.

Another of the most representative points of interest in the municipality of São Vicente is a small and peculiar chapel built inside a basalt rock, by the sea. The São Vicente, or Calhau, Chapel is a symbolic reflection of this region's deep connection to faith, but also of the constant presence of volcanic rock.

The municipality currently has around 6000 inhabitants, spread over three parishes: Boaventura, Ponta Delgada and São Vicente. It extends over 78.70 km², where the abundant forest dominates the landscape.

The municipality of São Vicente is home to a vast natural and cultural heritage, where the vivacity of the Laurissilva Forest, the emblematic volcanic caves or its picturesque historical monuments stand out.

São Vicente
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In addition to the presence of the sea and the Laurissilva, it also has various cultural itineraries. Discover them!
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Making plans in São Vicente naturally involves going on an adventure!
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Several types for short and long stays, close to the sea and nature.
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