Wine Festival

There is always room for one more tribute to this regional product, known for its excellent quality all over the world.
Wine Festival
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A toast to Madeira

The Wine Festival is a highly symbolic cultural and ethnographic event. Held during the grape harvest season, at the end of summer, it celebrates the internationally acclaimed nectar produced in this archipelago.
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from August 25th to September 15th, 2023

The event that celebrates one of Madeira's ex-libris takes place both in the streets of Funchal and in vineyards and wine cellars in rural areas. Check the programme to find out where you can celebrate this 400-year-old elixir.

Would you like to participate in the grape harvest, or do you prefer to simply taste the wine?

More wine, please!

With several initiatives taking place simultaneously and in various parts of the Region, we felt the need to organise a schedule so that you don't get lost in the intoxicating flavours of our Madeira Wine.

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