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Visiting the Madeira archipelago is much more than just a contemplative experience. Discovering the islands means, in addition to visiting places of undeniable splendour, immersing yourself in the gastronomic culture and its unique flavour, brought to you by the people.
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In any restaurant serving traditional Madeira food, every mouthful is infused with a touch of homemade flavour. The reason for this is that traditional cuisine has a legacy of simplicity, sharing and the Madeiran soul. Tasting traditional Madeira food is therefore both an incredible sensory experience and one of the best ways to truly get to know Madeira's culture.
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Typically simple

The menu of the day is fresh and tasty our way!
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The perfect reduction!

What Madeira Wine enriches beyond our culture...
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Naturally sweet...

Our tropical climate also bears fruit!
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Origin of flavours

The story that goes from honey to the dessert menu.
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Let's celebrate!

Let there be more reasons to fill our glasses with joy
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Want a bite?

A toast during Madeira's festivities has a special flavour
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Discover our restaurants

Because Madeira is a foodies adventure
Fish and Seafood, European Cuisine
Vila do Peixe Restaurant
Located in the heart of Câmara de Lobos, it enjoys a spectacular view over the Bay. Fish dishes are the main attraction.
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Healthy Food and Snacks
Vantastic Food Truck & Juice Mixology
The most “vantastic” van on the island, parked on Avenida Arriaga, has a wide selection of fresh and healthy products on a daily basis.
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Brewery, Fish and Seafood
Peixaria no Mercado
An ode to the sea and its ingredients in the place closest to the source: the Funchal market auction.
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Fish and Seafood, European Food
Tia Maria Beach Club
Restaurant located in Praça do Barqueiro, in Porto Santo, with a diverse menu and which enjoys proximity to the beautiful sandy beach.
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European, Traditional
Pátio das Babosas, Lda.
Charming restaurant serving traditional Portuguese and European cuisine, located in Monte, close to the main attractions of the parish.
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Já Fui Jaquet
In the heart of the old part of the city lies this restaurant with its very own menu, in which the values of homemade food stand out.
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O Moega
You'll find a variety of the best traditional Madeiran drinks at the Moega bar, such as poncha, nikitas, pé-de-cabra, beer and wines.
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Santa Catarina Café
Space with two terraces in Parque de Santa Catarina. Bar service and light meals in the most emblematic garden in the city.
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Traditional Confectionery
Fábrica Chábom
Fábrica Chábom produces honey cakes and biscuits, assorted biscuits, candy and chocolates. It was founded in 1983 in Funchal, and much of its success is due to the quality of the products and the flavour and family tradition of the recipes combined.
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Madeiran Traditional Food and Fish
Fajã dos Padres
Located on the south coast, under a huge cliff, it surprises with the authenticity of its traditional cuisine. The freshly caught fish is the ex-libris of its cuisine.
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European Food and Fish
Maktub Bar
In the extreme west of the island, graced by magnificent sunsets, it excels in personalized meals, where fresh fish is the star of the menu.
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