Madeira. Belongs to all

Truly unique landscapes.

Madeira and Porto Santo welcome you!

Explore everything these Atlantic islands have to offer you: breathtaking natural settings, crystal-clear waters, centuries-old traditions, genuine flavours and a great, great desire to welcome you. Come and experience a unique archipelago where the clock does not set the time and the calendar does not dictate the season.
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Two Islands, a sea of possibilities

Come and see for yourself everything that makes this archipelago the Best Island Destination in the World.

Porto Santo

Discovering Porto Santo is immersing yourself in a dazzling place, rocked by the waves. Come and discover the best beach in Europe on an island that is a Biosphere Reserve.
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How to get here by plane

Can you see yourself relaxing on these islands? Find the best flights to get to the archipelago of Madeira quickly and conveniently!
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