Museums in Madeira

Madeira's museums focus on a wide variety of themes and artistic expressions.

To give room for curiosity

The museums in Madeira are ideal for exploring the archipelago's History, identity and traditions but also for discovering multiple artworks or getting to know better the region's natural wealth.
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Madeira's museums are excellent places to get to know in detail the historic journey of this archipelago of volcanic origin, as well as some of its age-old traditions. But that's not all. Since the offer is quite vast, there are options suitable for all interests and all ages.
The range of options available on the two islands allows visitors to enjoy, for example, an in-depth contact with the Madeiran identity. Some of Madeira's museums offer a journey to the roots that sustain the unique culture of this archipelago. This is the case of the Ethnographic Museum of Madeira, the Museu do Bordado e do Artesanato or the Madeira Story Centre, to mention just a few examples.
Museu do Bordado e do Artesanato 3
Among the vast range of museums in Madeira, it is also possible to find spaces entirely dedicated to various artistic expressions: from traditional sacred art to the most experimental contemporary art, to the region's exuberant natural wealth, its most valuable heritage.
museum of sacred art of funchal 10
In addition, Madeira's museums cover very diverse topics such as the career of international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Madeira's age-old wine-making tradition, sugarcane-growing, once considered 'white gold', or Christopher Columbus's time on the island of Porto Santo. Open your doors to knowledge!
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