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The people of Madeira make no secret of their pride in the divine nectar that these fertile lands have been producing for centuries. The world-renowned and award-winning Madeira wine is history in liquid form. But it is also flavour and pleasure.
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This crown jewel from Madeira, with its intense and unmistakable flavour, has been part of the island's history. Historical records show that only 25 years after colonisation began, Madeira wine was already being exported. It is therefore no wonder that it quickly became a success in the most diverse geographic locations.
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Did you know that this was the drink chosen to commemorate the Independence of the United States of America on 4th July 1776? Or that Shakespeare mentions Madeira wine in some of his plays? Over its six hundred years of internationalisation, many big-name personalities have been won over by Madeira Wine. This is the case of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill.
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What is the secret of Madeira wine?

The success that this product has achieved in the most diverse export routes lies, mainly, in the exceptional quality of the raw material and the meticulous refinement of the production process, from the vineyards to the Madeira Wine cellars. The grapes used come from hand-planted vines on small plots of land known as "poios", supported by stone walls on steep mountain sides. A tough ancestral art, but done with dedication and finesse.
The distinctive quality of this fruit derives from Madeira's well-known mild climate, as well as the fertility of the nutrient-rich volcanic soils. But the type of grape cultivated also plays a decisive role in this equation. There are more than 30 Madeira wine varieties. However, the most commonly used today are the noble four - Sercial, Verdelho, Bual and Malvasia - as well as Terrantez and Tinta Negra. When it comes to dry wines, the Sercial variety stands out, with its light colour and smooth flavour, ideal as an aperitif. Verdelho, in turn, heads the medium-dry wines category, standing out for its golden colour and delicate flavour, ideal for meals.
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The Bual variety, smooth and velvety, is ideal for accompanying roasts and desserts, having a semi-sweet aftertaste and a dark golden colour. Finally, for between meals or dessert, Malvasia is the best choice, producing a sweet, full-bodied, intensely perfumed and red-coloured wine.
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Come and treat yourself to the unique aroma and taste of Madeira Wine!
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Where to buy
H. M. Borges
Rua 31 de Janeiro, 83 | 9050-401 Funchal
J. Faria & Filhos, Lda.
Travessa do Tanque, 85/87, Funchal
Blandy's Wine Lodge
Av. Arriaga, 48 - Funchal
Justino's Madeira Wines, S.A.
Parque Industrial Da Cancela, Caniço | 9125-042 Santa Cruz
Handicraft Shop IVBAM, IP-RAM
Rua Dos Ferreiros, 152
Quinta do Barbusano
Caminho Agrícola do Barbusano, 26
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