Folklore is a genuine manifestation of Madeira's cultural tradition and it persists today thanks to the Region's folklore groups. The hallmark of Madeiran folklore is the 'Bailinho' which, besides dancing, is accompanied by traditional regional voices and musical instruments.
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The historical authenticity of the Madeiran people is reflected in the movements and music that recreate moments of its people's daily life, such as pastoral traditions, farming, and love, among others. In the archipelago of Madeira, the parishes and their Casas do Povo proudly present their folklore groups, which are mostly composed of local inhabitants. Most of these groups perform to the public at cultural events or traditional festivals, where they attract the attention of both locals and tourists. We highlight also the holding of international folklore galas in the region, in which Madeiran folklore appears alongside groups from other countries.

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The musical instruments used in folklore deserve special attention for their variety and authenticity. These are some of them: the machete, the raj√£o, the braguinha, the viola de arame, the triangle and the popular brinquinho, a locally-manufactured original. As far as garments are concerned, although they have Minho, Moorish, African and Flemish influences, the Madeiran costume has in its combination of colour, its hat and its boots, details of particular uniqueness. In fact, the colourful skirts of the 'viloas have inspired several artists, in fashion work for example, serving as a starting point for ready-to-wear collections.
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Thus, it is safe to say that folklore is one of the great symbols of Madeiran cultural expression and that watching one of the performances of the various folklore groups that often invade the avenues of Funchal on festive dates becomes a must for all those who want to know more about the customs and traditions of the Madeiran people.

When visiting Madeira and Porto Santo, pay attention and find out where and how you can witness a genuine and lively folklore show.
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