Carnival Festivities

It's one of the highlights of Madeira's festival calendar. A wave of joy that spreads throughout the archipelago.
Events Programme

An explosion of euphoria

From famous parades such as 'Cortejo Alegórico' and the satirical 'Cortejo Trapalhão' to the festivities that take place during these days in multiple locations, Madeira's Carnival fills the entire archipelago with a unique liveliness.
madeira carnival 52

from February 26th to March,9th 2025

Life is two days and Carnival is three! In fact, in Madeira it's two weeks. Look out for the troupes and revellers that make Madeira's Carnival live up to its fame.

Would you like to participate in the revelry and parade in our Carnival?

Masks, colour and joy

Madeira's Carnival is an itinerant festival and revelry arrives in each municipality in an original way. Although Funchal steals most of the attention, there are plenty of streamers and confetti spreading magic across the entire archipelago. Here's where the main events will take place:

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