Events in Madeira

There are always events and celebrations livening up the streets of the archipelago. Join the famous festive spirit that characterises the Madeirans!

An archipelago with life

Madeira's calendar of events invites you to enjoy the best that life has to offer all year round. A festive archipelago where fun is always guaranteed.
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Tourist Entertainment Calendar

We love to celebrate so much, that we already have the main events for the coming years lined up. Check here the Tourist Entertainment Calendar for 2024, and also, for 2025,2026 and 2027. Experience one event or live them all!

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Sporting Events

From water activities such as surfing, scuba diving or open water swimming, to sports that take place on the island's trails and 'levadas' (water channels), such as trail running, mountain biking or canyoning, as well as golf or orienteering, there are countless events and competitions in Madeira all year round.
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Gastronomy Events

The archipelago's gastronomy is known worldwide for its unmistakable flavours. Therefore, there are several events in Madeira that pay tribute to some of the most iconic products of these islands, such as limpets, black scabbard fish, wine, chestnuts or regional sweets, just to name a few. Come and celebrate Madeira's flavours!
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Musical Events

There are many concerts and music festivals that take place in the archipelago all year round and, taking advantage of Madeira's privileged subtropical climate, most of these events take place outdoors. Some of the most famous names in national and international music have performed on the archipelago's main stages.
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