Vineyard Hotels

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Madeira wines are undoubtedly very important in the archipelago's gastronomy, but the experience this traditional product has to offer goes far beyond the palate. Did you know that you can stay in a vineyard hotel when you visit Madeira?
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These hotels offer unique experiences, with Madeira's rich wine culture at their centre. The offer is vast when looking for a vineyard hotel in Madeira. The suggestions range over various parts of the island, namely the north and west coasts, but, even in the city of Funchal, it is possible to stay in establishments which, in one way or another, have the grape harvest and wine as one of the main elements of their essence. As far as their features are concerned, there are both old Madeiran estates with vast hectares of land as well as charming boutique-hotels, not to mention local accommodation properties.
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Here, guests can enjoy a variety of activities ranging from wine tastings, guided tours of the vineyards, spa experiences, theme-based meals and even, at the right time, grape picking and treading. If you are a true lover of this divine nectar, the most suitable option for your holidays is a vineyard accommodation in Madeira.
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