Surfing in Madeira

Sunny days, salt and perfect waves in an Atlantic garden.
In Madeira, the sea is a sacred temple. The archipelago's symbiotic relationship with the ocean is centuries old but continues to mark the daily pulse. Perhaps this is why surfers from all over the world feel so at home here, making surfing in Madeira a form of connection to this cult space. The island's rugged topography is fundamental for the constant formation of perfect, clean and big waves that have made Madeira's surf spots famous on the international surf circuit. More and more world-famous icons, such as Grant 'Twiggy' Baker or Garrett McNamara, are surrendering to Madeira's surfing potential, considered the Atlantic Hawaii.
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Water temperature, which varies throughout the year between 18 °C and 24 °C, together with the characteristic point breaks and reef breaks, are some of the reasons why surfers who visit us are always eager to return. But there's more. Let's add to this equation the volcanic landscapes, with green mountains and waterfalls running down to the sea, the subtropical climate and cities full of culture, entertainment and excellent gastronomy. More than a sport, surfing in Madeira is a spiritual experience. See you at sea?
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Where to book
On Water Academy
R. da Praia Formosa |9000-000 Funchal
Calhau Surf School
Entrada Dr José Joaquim de Freitas, 6 | 9060-412 Funchal
Madeira Surf Center
Estrada Regional, 101 | 9240-216 São Vicente
Aroundfreedom Surf School
Hotel Dom Pedro Baia - Loja Frente Mar | Estrada de São Roque, 9200-126 Machico
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