Tribute to meat

Kampo by Chef Júlio Pereira - With signature dishes focused on meat and its maturing process, Kampo is the older brother of Chef Júlio Pereira's 3 restaurants.


'Kampo's ex-libris is undoubtedly its matured meat, which we can find in the restaurant's own maturation refrigerators.'

Kampo is a restaurant focused on experiences, where flavours of the land take centre stage in the dishes designed by Chef Júlio Pereira, who reveals his origins in a creative way. Located at the heart of the city of Funchal, the restaurant has a cosy atmosphere and a counter with the kitchen as a backdrop, offering customers a 'first-class' view of everything that is being prepared by the team. With a sharing and 'comfort food' concept, Kampo was created to pay tribute to meat in all its senses, with an emphasis on matured meat.
Rua do Sabão 6
9000-056 Funchal
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