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Ákua by Chef Júlio Pereira - Created in June 2019 and located in the centre of Funchal, the second project of Chef Júlio's trilogy represents the flavours of an island surrounded by the sea.


A cosy restaurant with a distinctive family atmosphere, Ákua brings us the freshness and the breeze of the sea thanks to the boldness of its dishes.


'The essence of Ákua comes from the freshness of sea flavours creating the perfect symbiosis between fish and seafood.'

Ákua was born from the origins and experiences of Chef Júlio Pereira. It all started in Ericeira, a fishing village where he discovered the smells and flavours of our sea. Those memories gained intensity while travelling and getting in contact with other regions where the sea plays an important role in people's daily lives. On an island like Madeira, the sea is present every day and the smell of the sea breeze is in the subconscious of all those who pass by and live here. Ákua started as a 'street restaurant' where gastronomic experiences are a constant and where the flavours of our sea are combined with the flavours of the land, in a creative fusion designed by our chef. The menu is full of freshness and distinct flavours, which will prepare you for this tasting process.
Rua dos Murças 6
9000-058 Funchal
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