Porto Santo Beach

A 9-kilometre golden sand, along with a sea of calm, crystalline waters and pleasant temperatures, placed Porto Santo beach on the map of paradisiacal destinations. Proving this, in 2022, Porto Santo beach was elected the best beach in Europe by the European Best Destinations.
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However, there is no prize that can replace the experience of a visit. Discovering Porto Santo is like discovering a landscape with the flavour of the waves, immersing yourself in the transparency of the waters and feeling something inexplicable. Health and wellness go hand in hand on Porto Santo beach, whose sands have proven therapeutic properties, and at the same time are a great place to relax.
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The quality of the sea waters bathing this island is also unique, known for helping to complement the lack of mineral salts caused by stress and fatigue of the human body, and helping the recovery of the nervous system. Even if you are in perfect health, you will feel the benefits.
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