Seixal Beach

On the north coast of the island of Madeira, there is a place known for its unique beauty. Porto de Abrigo do Seixal beach, also known simply as Seixal Beach, is an authentic living postcard. As such, its landscape has conquered sea, nature and, of course, photography lovers.

The scenery is painted in harmonious tones: a black sand beach bathed by the Atlantic and sheltered by escarpments and green mountains. This place therefore looks like a green amphitheatre, offering bathers a peaceful atmosphere.

Formed naturally a few years ago, next to Porto de Abrigo and Clube Naval do Seixal, this beach has good accesses and some facilities, such as showers, a bar and even the possibility of renting kayaks. It is, actually, a quite popular spot all year round for several water sports, such as bodyboarding, canoeing or stand up paddle.

Seixal Beach is one of the best gateways to Porto Moniz for visitors. From here, you can easily reach multiple points of interest, such as the hiking trails that cross the Laurissilva Forest, for example.

A black sand beach contrasting with the overlooking green mountains and bathed by a crystal-clear sea: this is how the idyllic setting of Porto de Abrigo do Seixal beach can be described.

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