Porto da Cruz Natura

Madeira is rich in trails that will delight the most advanced trail runners. The Porto da Cruz Natura trail is one of them, offering privileged contact with the exuberant natural heritage of the island's east coast.


This is a 50-km-long circular trail.
It is considered to be highly difficult, given its winding outline and the demands of its multiple level differences. It should be noted that, altogether, the climbs have a total height of 3259 metres.
As for descents, the level difference is almost identical - 3258 metres.


The Porto da Cruz Natura trail starts at Alagoa Beach, a unique setting marked by the contrast between the black sand, the crystal-clear blue water and the great green mountain overlooking the sea.


It then takes several paths, 'levadas' and trails, with particular emphasis on Levada do Furado, one of the oldest and most emblematic on the island.
But it is on the steepest climbs that the Porto da Cruz Natura trail challenges the limits of the athletes.
As such, the climb to the top of Penha d'Águia or to Pico do Suna invite you to constantly exceed yourself.
Distance: 50 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Start/End: Alagoa Beach (Porto da Cruz) / Porto da Cruz
Level difference +: 3259 m
Level difference -: 3258 m
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