Canyoning in Madeira

Discover Madeira's watercourses and immerse yourself in Nature!
Canyoning in Madeira is an ideal activity for nature lovers who can't do without a good dose of adventure. Because of the island's rugged outline and the green density of its forest, the watercourses that cross the island's mountains meet the perfect conditions for this sport.
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The challenge consists of crossing mountain streams, abundant along canyoning trails in Madeira, overcoming the various obstacles encountered during the descent.
To do this, you may have to resort to various techniques, such as swimming, jumping, climbing or even rappelling.
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Canyoning in Madeira is one of the most privileged ways to explore some of Madeira's hidden and virtually untouched natural nooks, always accompanied by the clear waters that, between successive waterfalls, slide down the mountains.
There are many places prepared for canyoning in Madeira, with different degrees of difficulty but always in complete safety. Besides, it is possible to enjoy the sport all year round: in summer, the rivers on the north side, with their greater flow, are the most appealing, while in winter, the rivers on the south side are more advisable because they are quieter. Contact one of the archipelago's specialised operators and create exciting memories.
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