Botanical Garden Cable Car

Creating a 1600-metre long connection, the Botanical Garden Cable Car provides access to one of the most special areas of the island of Madeira. But this is not just any means of transport, it's a unique experience, gifted with an unforgettable landscape.


This infrastructure connects the Botanical Garden to the parish of Monte. It's an about nine-minute ride marked by its unrivalled landscape. The distance above ground varies between 10 and 100 metres, with a privileged view over the elegant Funchal bay, as well as over the Vale da Ribeira de João Gomes, covered by a dense and green forest. In this view of the city, offered by the Botanical Garden Cable Car, Nature harmoniously combines with Funchal's cosmopolitan profile.


Once at their destination, visitors can enjoy this unique garden space, which covers eight hectares (five of which are landscaped). The Madeira Botanical Garden has an extensive collection of trees and ornamental shrubs, as well as an area with orchids, viewpoints and an amphitheatre.


The Botanical Garden Cable Car, which can transport 400 people per hour, also offers excellent access to the Tornos and Bom Sucesso 'levadas' and Curral dos Romeiros.

The Botanical Garden Cable Car covers a distance of 1600 metres, reaching an altitude of about 100 metres, offering an unrivalled panoramic view over the municipality of Funchal, always in motion.

Caminho das Voltas 15 | 9060-329 Funchal
Daily: 09:30 -17:30 || Interruption: December 25th
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