Surfing in Ribeira da Janela

The longest watercourse formed in the mountains of the island flows into the parish of Ribeira da Janela, located on the north coast. The mouth of this stream is very close to a huge rock that rises from the ocean, near the coast. A scenery that makes surfing in Ribeira da Janela a must for the more experienced surfers.

A destination increasingly chosen by surfers, it is much appreciated for its point breaks and long, big and highly-frequent waves. Surfing in Ribeira da Janela is marked by the strength of the sea we can find here. It is, therefore, a place advised for advanced and expert surfers with enough control of the board.

The pebble beach, with parking spaces, sanitary facilities and showers, is very close to the Ribeira da Janela camping site, which provides all logistical facilities for surfers who choose this area to experience intensely the reputed waves of Madeira.

Bring your board, come surf in Ribeira da Janela and enjoy the direct communion with the natural scenery that is the most valuable heritage of this island. With always surprising views and a crystal-clear, warm sea, you won't want to leave the water.


Located on the north coast of the island, surfing in Ribeira da Janela is known for its long, strong waves, which delight the most experienced, advanced and expert surfers.

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