Surfing in Machico

Located on the east coast of the island of Madeira, just over 20 km from Funchal, is one of the most sought-after surfing spots in the archipelago. Surfing in Machico is lived with particular enthusiasm by local population, which gives this place an even warmer atmosphere for wave lovers.

Here, the landscapes are tinted by the shades of green that fill the mountains, which merge harmoniously with the blue of the sea. Besides being translucent, the water has a mild temperature all year round - yes, you can even, in Europe, spend Christmas surfing in Machico without worrying about the cold.

At Machico Bay, for example, you'll find a pebble beach perfectly integrated in this historical city where Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira disembarked when they discovered Madeira in 1419. The wave profile here is considered ideal for both beginner to intermediate surfers, thus guaranteeing hours of fun and contact with Nature for all those who practice this sport.

Visit the city and enjoy unforgettable moments of communion with the board and the energy of the Atlantic Ocean through a surfing experience in Machico.

Its big, constant and powerful waves have made this a cult spot for regional and international surfers. Surfing in Jardim do Mar is ideal for advanced and expert surfers.

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