Surfing in Achadas da Cruz

Located in a place where you can mark the transition between the north and south coasts of the island of Madeira, Achadas da Cruz is a destination increasingly marked by the surfing experience. The landscapes are punctuated by the majesty of the green cliffs contrasting with the intense blue ocean, making surfing in Achadas da Cruz a memorable experience.

This is, therefore, the perfect place for surfers looking for almost cinematographic scenarios, where the excellence of the waves harmoniously combines with the natural scenery of the surroundings. The popularity of this place has also been boosted by the good conditions for practising the sport all year round.

In addition to the island's mild climate, these crystal-clear waters always register highly inviting temperatures for surfing in Achadas da Cruz. Likewise, the constant, clean swell guarantees a day of sport at its best, ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers.

To get to the small pebble beach located in this area, you can use the Achadas da Cruz cable car, with a panoramic view over the ocean and the hills. All the conditions are therefore in place to enjoy a unique landscape with a surfboard under your feet. What are you waiting for to come and enjoy surfing in Achadas da Cruz?


Landscapes marked by imposing cliffs and the bright blue of the ocean: an idyllic setting for practising sports and enjoying Nature. Surfing in Achadas da Cruz is ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers.

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