Exploring the City


Exploring the City

The archipelago of Madeira is a one-and-a-half-hour flight from mainland Europe. Once in Madeira, among the countless activities you will enjoy in our mountains, along our trails and in our sea, we know that the city of Funchal - the archipelago's capital city - will be responsible for some of the most unforgettable moments of your holidays. Visiting Funchal is more than just an unforgettable experience.
avenida arriaga 1
Funchal Madeira 29
neves viewpoint 1
Parque de Santa Catarina viewpoint 2
Filled with history, cosmopolitanism, culture and entertainment, the city of Funchal has a wide variety of scenarios that range from the most secluded viewpoints with breathtaking views to impeccably manicured botanical or tropical gardens, and historical buildings, some of which are national monuments. We must not forget, however, the many museums that both enlighten us on the historical and cultural legacy of the region, and push us towards the future thanks to avant-garde works by authors from Madeira.
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Funchal City Hall 4
The city of Funchal is ideal for exploring randomly, following its aromas and sounds, letting yourself be carried away by all the stimuli that appear. However, for all those who like to know where they are going, here are some ideas on what to do in Funchal.
nazaré viewpoint 1

Gardens and Parks

Take a leisurely stroll through parks and exotic gardens of great botanical value spread throughout the municipality of Funchal.
monte palace tropical garden 8
madeira botanical garden 4
Funchal Municipal Garden 1

Public Promenades

Walking in Funchal is the best way to immerse yourself in its atmosphere and get to know the authenticity of its people.
praça do povo funchal 5 funchal's promenade 12


Funchal's extensive museological offer allows visitors to travel through the archipelago's history, art and traditions.
quinta das cruzes garden 8


Funchal's religious heritage stands out, of course, for its spiritual importance, but also for its historical, architectural and artistic riches.
Funchal Madeira 28 Monte Church 3
Funchal City Hall 3

Monuments and Architecture

Funchal's streets and avenues are surprising for their valuable architectural heritage, with monuments from different periods and styles.
colégio church 8
Funchal Madeira 9


Funchal's many viewpoints offer panoramic (and photogenic) views over the crystal-clear ocean, the green mountains or the cosmopolitan city.
Parque de Santa Catarina viewpoint 1 neves viewpoint 4 terreiro da luta viewpoint 3
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