Funchal Churches

Come and discover the municipality's extensive and surprising religious heritage.

Churches and chapels: heritage, tradition and faith

Funchal's chapels and churches are key elements of the island's history, reflecting the deepest beliefs of its people. Be sure to explore this rich heritage!
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The people of Madeira have a centuries-old connection with faith. In fact, an expressive part of its traditions has direct or indirect links to the religious experience. Likewise, much of the archipelago's historical and monumental heritage is related to this dimension. Proof of this are the many chapels and churches in Funchal, a priceless legacy that deserves to be carefully explored.
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There are chapels in Funchal that take us back to the time of the island's first settlements. Such is the case of the Corpo Santo Chapel, built in the 15th century, thanks to the devotion of Funchal's Downtown fishermen. It is one of the few 15th century buildings in the region that have survived to this day.
The great diversity of chapels and churches in Funchal has room for a wide variety of architectural styles from different periods: from the popular Mannerist architecture we can find, for example, in the Colégio Church and the Nossa Senhora da Ajuda Chapel, to the Baroque lines of the Santa Luzia Church, the Rococo style of the Santo António Church and the Gothic style of the Cathedral.
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Some of these religious monuments also keep extremely important artistic and decorative elements. Tile panels, sculptures, gilded woodcarving or paintings with religious themes are some of the works that can be contemplated in Funchal's churches.
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