Flower Festival

With the arrival of spring, Madeira's gardens become even more colourful and exuberant. This festival celebrates the vitality of Nature.
Flower Festival
Events Programme

Opening doors to spring

Featuring a diversified programme, with a clear emphasis on the Flower Parade, this celebration symbolises renewal and hope. The Flower Festival fills Madeira with unforgettable colours, decorations and fragrances.

from April 27th to May 21st, 2023

On an island blessed by Nature, Flowers deserve more than an ode. In Madeira, the month of May is entirely dedicated to the beauty and fragrance of flowers. Don't miss any opportunity to witness the beautiful tribute paid by the Madeirans to this natural entity.

Would you like to participate in this procession of flowers, colours and fragrances?

Blossoming Events

Join the waltz and move with the rhythm across the various points of the island that brighten up the programme of the Flower Festival. Find out all about it here:

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Associação de Animação Geringonça
Sr. Filipe Gonçalves
Associação de Batucada da Madeira
Sr. José Rodrigues
Associação de Fados da Madeira
Sr. Eduardo Figueira
Associação Fitness Team
Sr.ª Carina Pestana
Retoiça – Associação Cultural, Desportiva e Recreativa
Sr. Sérgio Teixeira
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