Surfing in Jardim do Mar

Madeira is increasingly sought after for its perfect and powerful waves. Surfing at Jardim do Mar, where this practice earned world-class status, contributes greatly to this. Located on the southwest coast of the island - a green haven tucked away between arid vertical slopes and the immensity of the ocean - this picturesque town has truly become an oasis for the surfing community.


Known for being a privileged place to receive North Atlantic swells, surfers can catch all kinds of waves here. From point breaks to reef breaks, the sea expresses itself in this area with an impressive intensity that leaves no surfer indifferent. In fact, it is quite likely that while surfing in Jardim do Mar you will come across many local sportsmen, some of them renowned.


To the very favourable characteristics of the swell, we can also add the crystal-clear transparency of the water and inspiring mountainous landscapes, dotted with green and brown shades, that surround this place known for its excitement, liveliness and taste for keeping traditions alive. Jardim do Mar is suitable for advanced or expert surfers.


Visit this garden bathed by the sea and collect happy, adrenaline-packed moments on the best waves of the Atlantic.


Its big, constant and powerful waves have made this a cult spot for regional and international surfers. Surfing in Jardim do Mar is ideal for advanced and expert surfers.

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