Surfing in Porto da Cruz

Located on the northeast of the island of Madeira, Porto da Cruz is a regional reference for all extreme sports lovers. Surfing in Porto da Cruz is no exception. The two main beaches, Alagoa and Maiata, have excellent conditions for practising this sport - especially for those risking their first steps (or better, strokes) in this universe.

The consistent swell, as well as the black sands of these beaches, make the practice of surfing in Porto da Cruz widely appreciated by beginners and intermediate surfers alike. It's no coincidence that several surf schools are located in this area, ready to help anyone begin or improve the art of sliding on the ocean.

Several championships and regional circuits are hosted here, a factor that has been pivotal in the process of consolidating surfing in Porto da Cruz as an undisputed reference in the sport. In addition, support infrastructures are available to athletes to facilitate all the necessary logistics. All the conditions are therefore in place to allow taking full advantage of the sea, the sun and the feeling of freedom that only surfing can provide. If you have never felt it, this is the perfect place to try it.

When you visit Porto da Cruz, bring your surfboard, your wetsuit and a great desire to have fun.


The characteristics of the swell and the sandy bottom make surfing in Porto da Cruz ideal for those who want to improve or begin this practice. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate athletes.

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