Surfing in Paul do Mar

Located on the southwest coast of the island of Madeira, known to be particularly sunny and warm all year round, this village is gaining a growing reputation among the international surfing community, making surfing at Paul do Mar a must in the region.

This traditional village, which until the middle of the 20th century could only be reached by boat, obviously shares an intense connection to the sea. This is, therefore, a community where surfers feel at home. But that's not the only reason why they come back here so often.

The sea that bathes this locality is famous for its vigorous profile, to which its well-known reef breaks contribute a lot to this. Its clean curves are a true attraction for those who have a passion for sliding on the ocean. When surfing in Paul do Mar, you will often find tubular waves of perfect cylindrical shape, which fill the eyes of those watching and increase the adrenaline levels of those who catch them.

The powerful and big waves make this increasingly sought-after spot ideal for advanced and expert athletes. Bring your board and come surf at Paul do Mar!


Constant, big and tubular waves, for true lovers of the art of sliding on the ocean. Surfing at Paul do Mar is ideal for advanced and expert surfers.

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