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The Faial Go-kart track is a cool 1,040 metres in length and has everything true go-kart enthusiasts need to experience adrenaline in its purest form, in magnificent settings: technically challenging stretches and sharp bends.

The Faial Go-kart track has been constructed in one of the most beautiful settings on Madeira in the north of the island, close to Santana.

The route of the 1040 metre long track is gripping from beginning to end; it is full of challenges, with fast bends interspersed with technical areas of hairpins. The track is wide and surrounded by grassy areas - ideal for when you come off the track - meaning that races here are full of excitement and adrenaline.

The Faial Go-kart track is a perfect option for having fun with friends, as in addition to official competitions it is possible to organise private races on the premises.

Properly regulated races between groups of friends, companies and organisations - or anyone else who wants to take part - are well known for the good mood fostered among participants and are made more exciting by trophy award ceremonies and attendance certificates.

The Faial Go-kart track also offers long duration races and a karting school for children wanting to learn this sport.

Faial Go-Kart Track

Faial Go-Kart Track
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Zona Balnear da Foz da Ribeira de Faial, 9230 Foz da Ribeira de Faial,
+351 919 497 224
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Bus Line - 56,103,133,138
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