Boca das Voltas Viewpoint

The north coast of the island of Madeira is rich in panoramic views starred by the unavoidable presence of the mountains and the ocean. The view from the Boca das Voltas viewpoint, above the parish of São Jorge, reveals some of these charms that make this 'pearl of the Atlantic' unique.

Located in the parish of Boaventura, this natural viewpoint has as its backdrop the deep blue of the sea, which contrasts with the green tones that dominate both the surrounding scenery and the lawn of this space. This is an idyllic, secluded spot, ideal for observing the vigour of the indigenous Laurissilva Forest that reigns throughout the surrounding region.

The unobstructed view from the Boca das Voltas viewpoint allows visitors to enjoy a panoramic view over the Falcas, Achada da Madeira or Lombo do Urzal, taking the opportunity to peacefully contemplate the design of the houses integrated in the vast forest area.

From this place, it is also possible to take a glimpse in the background, in the picturesque parish of Boaventura, at the mouth of the Ribeira do Porco, where a small pebble beach bathed by crystal-clear waters is located.

Located in the area above the parish of São Jorge, the Boca das Voltas viewpoint is part of a vast forest area, offering a clear view towards the coastline.

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