Pico Ruivo Viewpoint

The highest point of the archipelago of Madeira and the third highest one in Portugal, it provides an incomparable wide view. As such, the Pico Ruivo viewpoint evidently provides one of the most surprising panoramic views of the archipelago, which attracts a growing number of visitors to this location.

With an altitude of 1862 metres, this viewpoint allows a wide view over multiple locations, such as the Curral das Freiras valley, the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, the various localities of Santana or the valley of the Ribeira Grande and the Ribeira de São Jorge. You can also see Ponta de São Lourenço, Paul da Serra, the island of Porto Santo and the Desertas Islands group when visibility is good.

The Pico Ruivo viewpoint can only be accessed by hiking trails that start from Pico do Areeiro (PR1 - Vereda do Areeiro) or Achada do Teixeira. Because of its location, its flora is mainly composed of high-altitude heath. It is, however, the rock formations of monumental proportions, that often rise above the clouds, that dominate the landscape.
Don't forget your camera!

Being located at the highest point of the archipelago of Madeira, 1862 metres above sea level, the Pico Ruivo viewpoint offers a panoramic view with an incomparable amplitude.

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