Beira da Quinta Viewpoint

The Beira da Quinta viewpoint offers one of the most surprising landscapes on the north coast of the island of Madeira. It is a mandatory stop in the municipality of Santana, perfect for a peaceful contemplation of the beauty of the mountains that rise up by the sea.

This viewpoint is located between the parishes of São Jorge and Arco de São Jorge. It therefore offers a wide view, especially over this last place, famous for the fertility of its soils as a result of the microclimate it enjoys. But the panorama is far from limited to this picturesque village.

From the Beira da Quinta viewpoint you can practically see the whole northwest coast up to Porto Moniz, a place that has as its calling card its unique natural pools formed from volcanic rocks. The beauty of the monumental coastal cliffs, which reach a height of around 500 metres, stands out in this encompassing scenery.

As it is situated at an altitude of 469 metres, the view offered by this viewpoint reaches is remarkably far-reaching. On clear days, it is possible to see the silhouette of the island of Porto Santo floating in the sea, a few miles to the northeast.

Located between the parishes of São Jorge and Arco de São Jorge, the Beira da Quinta viewpoint offers an ample view over the northwest coast of the island.

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