Santa Ana Fountain

The historical and cultural heritage of the archipelago of Madeira is very vast and rich. There are many monuments that not only embellish the streets of towns and cities, but also tell their history. This is the case of the Santa Ana Fountain, located in Santana, on the north coast of the island.

Located next to the Santana Parish Church, in the centre of the town, this structure with a spout has been classified as a Monument of Local Value by the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) since 2000. But its history starts a few decades earlier.

The Santa Ana Fountain, nowadays an integral part of the architectural landscape of this municipality, was inaugurated in June 1955, by the then President of the Republic, General Craveiro Lopes. Be sure to stop by this point of interest, made of exposed stone masonry and plastered with tile panels, on your visit to the municipality of Santana.

Take the opportunity to visit the Parish Church located next to this monument. In addition, discover the municipality's ex-libris (and one of the archipelago's calling cards), the triangular-shaped, thatched houses typical of Santana.

Located next to the Santana Parish Church, the Santa Ana Fountain has been classified as a Monument of Local Value since 2000, and is part of the municipality's architectural landscape.

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