Ribeira Funda

Located in the remote village of Ribeira Funda, parish of Seixal, the Ribeira Funda canyoning is one of the best-known trails in the island of Madeira.
Although it is a short trail, it is full of surprising nooks, where Nature remains virtually untouched.


This canyoning is 600 metres long and can be completed in 1:45 hours.
Although short, it is considered of moderate difficulty, with a total level difference of 210 metres.


Besides being located in an area with easy access, the water temperature is very inviting due to its low altitude.
Along the Ribeira Funda trail, canyoneers are lucky enough to pass by one of the most graceful waterfalls on the island.
In addition, the entire trail is surrounded by large gorges and crosses several dark areas which the sun never reaches.


After passing through a series of rappels, the highest of which is 60 metres high, athletes are rewarded with unforgettable landscape surroundings, because the Ribeira Funda trail ends by the sea, offering an unequalled view of the brightness of the Atlantic.
Distance: 600 m
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 1:45 hours
Level difference: 210 m
Maximum rappel: 60 m
Rappels: 10
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