Ribeira da Água Negra

Canyoning at Ribeira da Água Negra offers canyoneers the opportunity to have unequalled contact with one of Madeira's most famous and visited waterfalls: the 25 Fontes waterfall.


Starting in Paul da Serra, this trail, considered to be highly difficult, is 1.6 km long and takes an estimated 4 hours.
Ribeira da Água Negra, located in the Rabaçal area, municipality of Calheta, consists initially of a series of small but very beautiful rappels.
After that, canyoneers reach the waterfalls area.


However, before reaching the famous 25 Fontes Waterfall, you will cross the largest rappel of the Ribeira da Água Negra trail, a 70-metre-high waterfall, which ends in a large lagoon.
The Ribeira da Água Negra canyoning, which has a level difference of 350 metres, saves the most exciting moment for last.
We are talking about the 50-metre descent of the 25 Fontes rappel.


Once here, canyoneers can contemplate the beauty of Lagoa das 25 Fontes, created by the waters that come down from Paul da Serra and which emerge here thanks to 25 water springs.
Distance: 1.6 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 4 hours
Level difference: 350 m
Maximum rappel: 70 m
Rappels: 13
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