Ribeira do Lajeado

Located in the Rabaçal area, municipality of Calheta, the Ribeira do Lajeado canyoning provides an immersive adventure in an unforgettable natural setting.
It crosses some of Madeira's best-known lagoons and waterfalls.


The Ribeira do Lajeado trail is 1.9 km long and can be completed in 4:15 hours.
The trail begins at the famous 'Dona Beja' Lagoon, near the spring of Levada do Alecrim, and has a level difference of 360 metres.
At first, the Ribeira do Lajeado canyoning is suitable for all canyoneers, including those with no experience in the sport.


Although this trail is considered easy, the final area can be avoided by beginners as that is where the large waterfalls are concentrated.
The trail then ends at the well-known Vento and Risco waterfalls.
There are 80 and 120 metre-high rappels, which promise an adrenaline-filled experience.
In addition, the surrounding scenery, marked by the dense area of Laurissilva forest, is stunning.


The Ribeira do Lajeado canyoning also stands out because of the possibility of combining it with the pleasant hiking trails of Rabaçal.
Distance: 1.9 km
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 4:15 hours
Level difference: 360 m
Maximum rappel: 120 m
Rappels: 12
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