Ribeira do Vimieiro

Located in the municipality of Porto Moniz, the Ribeira do Vimieiro canyoning is one of the best options for those who want to enjoy this sport with all the adrenaline and excitement, exploring the best that Nature has to offer on the island of Madeira.


The Ribeira do Vimieiro trail is 500 metres long.
Although it is a short trail, it is considered to be highly difficult.
It can be completed in around three hours, having a level difference of 315 metres.


Although Ribeira do Vimieiro is characterised by the fact that it's a narrow watercourse, canyoning here is marked by an exciting forest environment and the absence of long walks.
Along the way, canyoneers cross several large rappels.
The largest, of a total of 16, is 60 metres high.


The experience is enriched by the vibrant colours that mark the surrounding scenery.
The various waterfalls slide down red rocks, which are covered in a glossy green moss.
For this reason, in addition to being one of the best trails for lovers of the sport, this place also delights photography enthusiasts.
Distance: 500 m
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 3 hours
Level difference: 315 m
Maximum rappel: 60 m
Rappels: 16
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