Madeira Paragliding

Have you ever imagined yourself gliding over the pearl of the Atlantic?

Madeira seen from the sky

Hovering over Madeira's mountains and its coastline is a vibrant and always very surprising activity. Exceed your limits and dare to paraglide in Madeira.
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Fill your lungs with air, count to three, jump and finally glide over a garden surrounded by sea. Then, take the opportunity to enjoy Madeira's incomparable landscapes seen from above and fill your eyes with sky, sea and forest. This is the experience you will certainly have when paragliding in Madeira.
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The morphological characteristics of the island make this activity one of the most attractive to paragliders and hang gliders and for those who love extreme moments. The rugged outline, typical of the entire region, offers ideal conditions for paragliding in Madeira.

You will find, throughout the entire territory, excellent places to take off from and make your dream of experimenting this activity come true. Among them, the most popular are Pico da Cruz, the Madalena do Mar Viewpoint, Porto da Cruz and Prazeres.
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There are several specialised operators available to accompany you on a paragliding adventure in Madeira.
And if you are inexperienced in these activities, you can always go for tandem jumping, in other words, accompanied by a professional pilot.
In either case, safety is totally guaranteed - and so is adrenalin.
Live a remarkable experience, with access to unrepeatable aerial views.
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