Nordic Walking in Madeira

Bring walking poles, appropriate footwear and the desire to discover unique sceneries!
Nordic Walking

Walking across Madeiras' mountains

Nordic walking in Madeira allows walkers to discover quiet mountain trails and thus access places of unequalled interest in the heart of the island. Come and connect with Madeira's Nature.
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Nordic Walking is gaining an increasing number of fans and becoming a trend among mountain trail lovers. Nordic walking in Madeira is done with the aid of two poles with the tips turned backwards, rather than vertically, in front of the body. It is a sport designed to challenge the walkers' endurance. However, it can be adapted to anyone, regardless of their age or physical condition.
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As such, Nordic walking in Madeira is one of the most attractive ways of getting to know the famous hiking trails that stretch all over the mountain hinterland of Madeira.
From 0 to 1862 metres of altitude, from coastal areas to the highest peaks in the heart of the island, walkers can enjoy countless different trails and 'levadas'.
When it comes to the 'levadas', historic irrigation channels built to bring water from the northern slopes to the south of the island, there are more than 2000 km ready to be explored on foot. With each step, you will have the opportunity to quietly observe Madeira's most amazing landscapes. Prepare your walking footwear and poles and set off to discover this island garden.
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