Coasteering in Madeira

Different activities brought together in a single radical experience in Madeira's Nature.

A sea of emotions

Walking, swimming, climbing, rappelling and jumping into water: all this in a single activity, coasteering in Madeira which, amid lots of adventure and adrenalin, will show you the natural wonders of the island.
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The jagged cliffs of Madeira's coastline are the perfect backdrop for a day of extreme adventure. Coasteering in Madeira, which combines various sports activities in a delimited trail along the coastline, provides all sea and adrenalin lovers with memorable moments.
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Rappelling, climbing and jumping into the sea: these are the ingredients that, together, make this a unique outdoor experience, ideal for enjoying Madeira's natural beauty.
Between cliffs overlooking the bays, volcanic caves and hidden nooks with warm water, there are many natural secrets that can be found along the route of a coasteering trail in Madeira.
While you venture out for different physical activities, you will have the chance to find landscapes that reward all efforts. At the São Lourenço Nature Reserve, for example, you can explore a protected natural area with ideal conditions for this activity.
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Being very adaptable to each person's profile, this activity can be fully experienced by everyone.
The archipelago's specialised operators are ready to welcome and guide you in complete safety. Between land and sea, enjoy the vibrant experiences that coasteering in Madeira provides.
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