• Barbeito Madeira

    Barbeito Madeira

    Barbeito is currently led by Ricardo Diogo, grandson of Mário Barbeito de Vasconcelos, who founded the Vinhos Barbeito [Barbeito Wines] company in 1946. The company started by purchasing old wines and, from these acquisitions, there are still some in stock. Manuela Vasconcelos, Ricardo’s mother, also used to buy older wines from friends and acquaintances.

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    A dedicated producer of still Madeira wines helped by his wife, who is truly passionate for what she does. Located at Arco da Calheta, the vineyard has only half a hectare, of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, previously planted with Bual. 

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  • Duarte Caldeira & Filhos – Seixal Wines, Lda. | Terras do Avô

    Duarte Caldeira & Filhos – Seixal Wines, Lda. | Terras do Avô

    On the Northern coast of the island, in Seixal, a man, since always connected to agriculture, developed a wine production project, aggregating more than 30 vineyard plots, some small, some a few meters from the sea, some up the hill.
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  • DSW – Diana Silva Wines | Ilha DOP Madeirense

    DSW – Diana Silva Wines | Ilha DOP Madeirense

    Diana Silva is a Madeiran young woman, with a degree in Tourism, Commercial Management and Winemaking, who has been working and developing her professional activity in these areas for over a decade. She decided to innovate, starting with her first harvest of 2017 and producing three types of table wines – white, rosé and red – all from one single variety, Tinta Negra. This variety, considered by many to be a lower variety, has been surprising many people, from the North to the South of the country. She baptized them as “Ilha” (Island) and they are classified as Madeiran PDO.

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  • Elsa Maria da Silva Ferreira | Pedra de Fogo

    Elsa Maria da Silva Ferreira | Pedra de Fogo

    It is in the eastern edge of the Island of Madeira, in the parish of Caniçal, particularly in the Agricultural Park of Caniçal, where the geomorphological characteristics of the location present rocky outcrops of red and basaltic stone, that the vineyards give rise to the Madeiran red wine “Pedra de Fogo” [Fire Stone]. The location’s specificity, its proximity to the sea, the conducting system and the modern production and winemaking techniques make this wine a balanced and fresh nectar.

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  • H.M. Borges, Succrs., Lda.

    H.M. Borges, Succrs., Lda.

    One of the most traditional producing companies of Madeira wine, with quite old installations and where the art of hospitality is privileged.

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  • Henriques & Henriques – Vinhos, S.A.

    Henriques & Henriques – Vinhos, S.A.

    The history of the Henriques family, who was once the greatest vineyard owner of Madeira, dates back to the 15th century. The family company was founded in 1850 by João Gonçalves Henriques, later inherited by his children, who created the current company, Henriques & Henriques, in 1912. In 1925, the company began exporting its wines.
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  • J. Faria & Filhos, Lda.

    J. Faria & Filhos, Lda.

    A Madeira wine producer who also produces Madeiran rum. At Engenho do Norte, in Porto da Cruz, you may peacefully enjoy the view and the Madeira wines. 

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  • John Paul da Silva | Beijo Wines

    John Paul da Silva | Beijo Wines

    São vinhas no Caniçal, bem perto do mar, num projeto de produção que começou em 2005. 

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