Serving the Wine

It is very important that the still or fortified Madeira wines are served adequately and according to the producers’ recommendations, so that their full potential may be enjoyed regarding its aromas and taste. The wines must be stored in good conditions, in adequate locations. The bottles must be opened in front of the customer and the customer must try the wine before approving it to be served. If the establishment has a sommelier, he/she must carry out the initial tasting to verify the good conditions of the wine. The wines, either white, rosé or red, still, sparkling or fortified, must be served in the correct glasses recommended for each type of wine. One of the most important aspects is the serving temperature of the wine. They mustn’t be either too cold or hot as, in either case, the wines lose its characteristics. These details are quite important and must be mentioned to those in charge, in case the correct service is not provided. 
Regarding Madeira wine more specifically, it is a wine with an immense longevity that, due to its acidity, must be stored upright, in a dark, dry and fresh place, with a constant ideal temperature between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. Madeira wine benefits from the decantation process, especially the older wines, which may take longer than 4 hours. After a bottle of Madeira Wine has been opened, it does not deteriorate when in contact with oxygen, therefore its longevity may vary between 6 months to one year, or even more. The serving temperature is very important and, generally, the 3 year-old wines must be served at temperatures between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius, the 5 to 10 year-old wines at temperatures between 14 and 16 degrees and the wines over 15 year-old, frasqueiras and colheitas must be served between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius.


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