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Madeira Wines Route​


Madeira was discovered in 1419 by the Portuguese and, twenty-five years later, it already exported wine from the island to several locations in Europe. For this reason, the Madeiran wines’ quality has been globally recognized for almost 600 years


The Vine and the Varietie

In Madeira, the vine is planted in small terraces, which make its mechanization practically impossible. 

Even though the vines, in this region, may seem to be cultivated in large plots, they are actually several terraces or, small gardens that are combined in unique landscape, whose  traditional conducting system is the “latada” or pergola.

And how are the Madeira Still Wines classified?


The indications usually used on the labelling of Madeira still wines are “Reserva” –  reserved for wine associated to the harvest year that presents specific organoleptic characteristics, among other more technical characteristics.


Curiosities. Did you know …?


Did you know that the still or fortified Madeira wines are certified by the Institute of Wine, Embroidery and Handcrafts of Madeira (IVBAM, I.P. – RAM) and that all of them, with no exceptions, are submitted to a physical-chemical and sensorial control by the Tasting Chamber?




How are the Madeiran wines produced?


In the case of Madeira wine, a fortified wine, after the wine harvest and grape crushing, it is subject to fermentation, which is stopped with the addition of wine alcohol at 96%, depending if the oenologist intends to get a sweeter or drier wine.  


Serving the Wine 



It is very important that the still or fortified Madeira wines are served adequately and according to the producers’ recommendations, so that their full potential may be enjoyed at an aromatic and taste level. 






The best way to properly appreciate a wine is with food. But this is also where one should be more careful, particularly regarding the choice of wine for a specific dish, in order to achieve the correct balance between the aromas and tastes of both.



Events and thematic programmes​


The Wine Festival is one of the tourist attractions of Madeira, carried out by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, praying tribute to the precious nectar of the Region, around the time of the wine harvest, usually at the end of August and beginning of September. 


 Madeira Wines Route official brochure


The Madeira Wine Route is also another way to boost new business opportunities in the sector and to promote wine and its producers, associating it with other products such as gastronomy, handicrafts and intangible heritage.


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