Premising on Madeira's finest seasonal ingredients, William, right at Belmond Reid's Palace, is an award-winning restaurant that stands out for its creative approach.


The venue owes its name to the Scottish entrepreneur who started the construction of the iconic hotel - Mr William Reid - and features a menu that sees all dishes start from an established classical base, harmonizing them with the influence of contemporary international cuisine through the search for innovative flavours.


The Chef. Luís Pestana is one of those responsible for William's gastronomic sophistication. His mastery has earned the revalidation, in 2022, of the Michelin star the restaurant proudly presents.


Located in the iconic Belmond Reid's Palace, William restaurant is responsible for connecting tradition and the future through its contemporary vision of cuisine. It holds, therefore, one Michelin star.

Were there a star to reward the location and the sweeping views, William would surely be worthy of the feat. Enjoying a unique setting of the sky, cliff and sea, the breathtaking views you'll get when you visit this place will only heighten your senses even more.
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