Swimming at Garajau

In the municipality of Santa Cruz, more precisely in Garajau, you will find a beach that is a paradise for nautical activities and, naturally, for swimming. Garajau beach is located in a cove, sheltered by the high, rocky shore.


Made of pebbles, the beach is part of the Garajau Partial Nature Reserve. As this is a protected area, with clear waters and a unique biodiversity, it is very popular with divers and snorkelers. However, thanks to the transparency of the sea, even without diving goggles or mask, you will be able to observe fish of various colours swimming around you.


For open water swimmers, the experience on this beach will certainly create unforgettable memories. With complete support infrastructures, Garajau Beach can be reached on foot, but it can also be visited by taking a short cable car ride. Come and experience the real sensation of swimming in these waters full of life and beauty, exercising your body and providing your mind with images it will never forget.

If you have never swum in a Nature Reserve, Garajau Beach is a place that definitely deserves your attention. Be dazzled by the combination of elements of this protected area and swim as many miles as you like.

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