Swimming at Calheta Beach

Are you visiting Calheta and want to practice open water swimming? Calheta Beach has a calm sea, protected by two piers you can see from the sand.


Calheta Beach has imported sand and is easily accessible, being therefore ideal for families with children. For that reason, it is quite busy in summer. Nevertheless, outside the bathing season, it's a perfect place to catch up on your exercise. Since it is on the tip of the west coast, you will have late sunsets here, being able to stay in the water while the last rays of the sun illuminate the mountainous coast, to which you will have privileged views.


The excellent water temperature will also make it hard to get back to your towel. As with any other beach, we recommend caution when swimming, especially if you do so alone and outside the bathing season.

Calheta Beach is one of the island of Madeira's few yellow sandy beaches. A peaceful swimming experience is guaranteed by two piers, so you can exercise in the sea all year round.

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