Diving in Madalena do Mar

Did you know that in Madeira there is a place where by exploring the depths of the ocean you will have the opportunity to dive into a page of history? By diving at Madalena do Mar, on the southwest coast of the island, the crystal-clear sea will reveal a secret that has been attracting more and more divers to this area.

In the 1990's, a vessel called 'Bowbelle', which years before had had an accident in London, arrived in Madeira to work on drainage operations. At a certain point, this vessel, which in the meantime was christened 'Bom Rei', broke and sank 180 metres off the coast. Today, it is one of the most attractive diving spots in Madalena do Mar.

Over the years, it became an artificial reef, based on a sand reef between 21 and 30 metres deep. Still in a good state of preservation, it is now completely colonised by marine species such as sea anemones or the mystical black coral, and large groups of fish such as saupes or mugilids, which have found refuge here.

Located in one of the most iconic diving spots on the island, diving in Madalena do Mar is an experience with history never to be forgotten.

A diving experience in Madalena do Mar leads you to the 'Bowbelle', the sunken ship which became a dynamic and colourful artificial reef 180 metres off shore.

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