Diving in Garajau

Diving in Garajau is, without a doubt, the diving highlight in Madeira. The Garajau Partial Nature Reserve attracts divers from all over the world and there are many reasons for this.

From Lazareto to Ponta da Oliveira there are 7 km of coastline belonging to this Reserve. In this area we can find seven traditional diving spots, namely: 'Lazareto', 'Pináculo', 'Mamas', 'Praia do Garajau', 'Baía dos Porcos', 'Arena' and 'Galo'. Being a protected area, the richness and diversity of its exuberant marine life is quite surprising.

Among barracudas, morays, amberjacks, guiana mackerels, stingrays, giant anemones, mugilids, chromis, barred hogfish and round stingrays, for example, these seven spots are populated with a lot of colour and vivacity. The beach that can be found here is one of the most famous diving spots in Garajau. You can even have the opportunity to enjoy a very close contact with groupers that have been, over the years, practically 'tamed' by divers: a remarkable experience, to say the least.

The marine environment here retains all its vitality in its wild state. This Nature Reserve is therefore the ideal place to venture underwater. Be sure to have a diving experience in Garajau.

The Garajau Nature Reserve includes seven traditional diving spots. The diversity of the marine life in this area makes diving in Garajau one of the ex libris of this sport in Madeira.

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