Levada Vale Paraíso

Located on the south coast of the island, Levada Vale Paraíso is a suitable option for those who want to venture into the world of trail running in Madeira, even if they don't have much experience.
The Levada Vale Paraíso trail is nine kilometres long and can be completed in around one and a half hours.


The entire trail is a continuous and mostly light descent, with no uphill climbs.
In total, the level difference reaches a total altitude of 150 metres.
The Levada Vale Paraíso trail begins at an altitude of over 700 metres, at Rochão, in the parish of Camacha.


Following the 'levada', runners are led to discover scenic backgrounds of great beauty, marked by the presence of Nature.
The diversity of the fauna and flora of this region deserves a close look.
This trail running is almost always accompanied by the water that flows constantly in this 'levada', offering a special charm to this sports experience.


The Levada Vale Paraíso trail ends at Choupana, next to the Clube Nacional Desportivo stadium, in Funchal.
Take advantage of the end of the race to enjoy the panoramic view over the capital of Madeira, with the ocean in the background.
Distance: 9 km
Difficulty: Easy
Start/End: Rochão / Choupana
Level difference +: 0 m
Level difference -: 150 m
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