Boca do Risco

Located at Machico, the place where the Portuguese first landed when Madeira was discovered, the Boca do Risco trail running route is one of the best ways to explore this region.


The Boca do Risco trail is 14.86 km long.
Considered to be highly difficult, this trail is advised only to the most experienced athletes in this sport, with physical dexterity.
In addition to the technical demands of this route, athletes have to overcome many considerable level differences.


Altogether, the climbs have a total height of 1057 metres.
The downhill stretches have a level difference of only 1,032 metres.
This trail starts at Ribeira Seca, in Machico, and begins with a challenging climb up to Pico do Facho.
This place, located at an altitude of 280 metres, offers a unique view over the city of Machico, over Madeira's mountain peaks and even over Ponta de São Lourenço, at the eastern tip of the island.


Afterwards, at Boca do Risco, where there is a widely appreciated natural viewpoint, athletes can experience the unique sensation of running between the mountains and the sea.
The trail ends in the city of Machico.
Distance: 14.86 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Start/End: Ribeira Seca (Machico) / Machico
Level difference +: 1057 m
Level difference -: 1032 m
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